Kia Niro EV: Practical, Well-Priced Mainstream EV With Solid Range

But I need an Escalade to carry my pet frog!

I have a cousin who has two big plastic tubs of "necessities" she carries in the car at all times. It includes 3 blankets, 2 sweaters, multiple flashlights, 2 large towels, 2 full rolls of paper towels.... She has a small/midsize SUV, and the trunk is full of "needed" stuff. I understand the idea of having a thing and a backup thing; but there is no such thing as a backup towel, there is no chance that the first towel see somehow fails. Not to mention everything else. She also has a handful of dog toys in one of the boxes, even though her sister has the dog. The dog has never been allowed in her car. I helped her organize it down to a single big tub. She won't reduce it any more than that. Maybe I should be glad she doesn't have an inflatable life raft in there.

In my car, I have the standard tire repair kit properly stowed, 2 phone charging cables, a power converter that provides a standard plug and USB port, and a battery bank that has a little built-in flashlight. I don't even carry a flashlight in the car anymore because my phone and that little battery bank flashlight will cover it. I think I also have some extra napkins, a notepad, and a pencil in there - for whatever unknown situation.

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