Kid is spat on and punched by two girls for wearing a MAGA hat

Tell me all about how I should make people who want to kill me more comfortable. T

You mean, like .000001% of the population (actual nazis) and not the 125,000,000+ that you just said should be fucking harassed everywhere they go?

If 125,000,000 people wanted you dead, you'd probably be fucking dead.

I am intolerant of fascists and nazis and proud to be so.

People you THINK are fascist and people that you LABEL fascist. You're not in fucking Berlin 1941.

You have been mind fucked by the media, your social circle, and the internet. You have fallen into their game of irrational fear, to the point something so miniscule is actually effecting your life.

You're more likely to be killed by a lightning strike or plane crash. Or maybe even a plane directly landing on your house. You're probably even more likely to be killed by one of your friends!

You spend all your time in fear over literally nothing. Its like being stranded in the desert and your biggest fear is drowning.

I dont care what race you are in America, being killed by a "nazi" is a rare event.

You shitting your pants over a .00000001% chance, while ignoring you're 99.9999999% more likely to die by basically everything fucking else. Creating this narrative in your life because of an irrational fear.

Why are you creating this problem in your life? What are you seeking out exactly? A sense of self purpose? Self esteem boost?

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