kid thinks Turkey neck is a penis

I've seen human corpses be cut up like you'd see an animal at a real butcher shop so with animals it's not as gross to me. Would much rather deal with a freshly dead animal/freshly butchered/preserved meat. I do prefer responsibly resourced meat and fish as well bc I think these mega farms to feed the masses are a frigging curse on this earth.

Fyi I'm not a weirdo I have had to sit in on autopsies for investigative purposes I don't just hang around human butchers. It's always gross, and always invokes the worst from all senses and you have to kind of 'check out' from if you don't want to yack or pass out. Which is pretty much what I think most people learn to do with animal meat when they are preparing it. It's not really desensitizing as it is 'detaching' imo

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