Kidless (2019): The Childfree by choice explain why parenthood and having children is not for everyone. 26 minutes

My husband and I are not interested in having kids. I've never had the call to become a mother. My husband likes his leisure time and hobbies too much to want so bother with children. Our parents have grandchildren from our siblings already so they are not missing out either and we enjoy seeing our nieces and nephews occasionally but enjoy it even more when they go home ;) We are lucky though that nobody pesters us about having children. My mum does say that she gets asked if we've got children but my mother-in-law never mentions if people ask about us or not. It's not everybodys calling but people can think you are very strange of extremely selfish if you don't want kids. Kids aren't everybodys idea of fun. I couldn't put up with kids if I tried. Some of us are also not well enough to have kids. I have some quite major health problems and can barely look myself let alone kids and my husband has got enough on his plate with working and looking after me too. We do have our dogs though who we love to bits. They are our life and we love them too bits. They go on holiday with us and everything.

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