Kids Phone Recommendation?

Well, CodeSpark Academy, from what I've read is behind a subscription paywall (Unless I'm wrong), and the Grandma game costs money. I'm sure you will go to find another game that is somehow free and beneficial to tell me how great mobile games are. What I'm saying is, the time wasting apps and games are more EASILY accessible. That was my point, it really isn't that deep.

F2P = More accessible than paid games, meaning they have to generate revenue somehow, either by making you constantly watch ads or with in app purchases.

I understand that you're a gamer and that games probably defined several aspects of who you are in both good and bad ways, but the most easily accessible games are usually the most addicting. Giving a child full access over what games to play will most likely lead to downloads like Subway Surfers, Clash Of Clans, PUBG Mobile, and so on. (Generalization, but should be mostly accurate)

You should've mentioned Khan Academy for Kids, which is an app without advertising or in app purchases, completely free and easily accessible, I would've agreed with you there.

Anyways, if you want to continue what is barely a conversation, then I'd suggest replying later in like 7 hours, since I have to go and can't be stuck replying to you all day. See ya around!

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