[KIK] Read my post and we'll play!

Hi, I'm Kiddo! I'm a coloured Canadian girl who is 5'7.5" feet tall with short silver (platinum blonde, really) hair and a septum piercing. I'm chubby all over and my bra size is a 34D. I'm ready to have fun with you!


You feeling down? Had a hard day at work and need to relax? I offer that!

For a limited number of minutes I can chat with you and keep you company, or we can venture off into something more naughty such as dirty talk. This is your decision so let me know before we start anything. :-)

  • 15$ = 15 minutes.

  • 30$ = 30 minutes. + 2 photos of my choice.

  • 45$ = 45 minutes. + 3 photos of my choice.

  • 60$ = 60 minutes. + 5 photos of my choice.


Want just photos from me?


  • 5$: 2 sexy photos of my choice.

  • 10$: 6 sexy photos of my choice.



Everything you need to know is down here below, thank you!

To make everything more real and vivid for you as me playing your girlfriend, I'd like it for you to pre-book the day before your GFE session begins. Once everything is sorted out and you're satisfied with everything, your session will begin the morning after with a good morning text or anything you request with. I won't disappoint you and I promise to make this as enjoyable as possible!

Also, it's very important that you respect me. If you cannot respect me and what I do, then I'm sorry but I won't accept any payment or session. This is going to be exciting for the both of us so I need it to be safe.

When our session ends as it should, there's no further relationship or anything. Simply business! I think you know how this works! :-)


  • Anything to your fetishes or kinks!
  • Texts and messages throughout the day.
  • Good morning and good night messages especially.
  • Pure company and no dull conversation.
  • Getting to know eachother more.


  • Company and sexy times!
  • Flirting. ;-)
  • Most of my attention which means texts from the morning to night.
  • If you're into dom/sub and bdsm play, we may go into that as well! By the way, I'm really into submissive people. ;-)
  • Pet names. (Only on your terms!)
  • Unlimited dirty talk.
  • Anything you want! (That I agree to.)


  • Anything dangerous or illegal.
  • Things that neither of us don't agree to.
  • Scat, vomit, watersports, blood.

This is a customizable package as always so if there's something specific you'd like, please let me know before our session begins! Communication is key so if you do not communicate or function with me properly, I cannot help you!



I accept strictly Amazon eCards and Bitcoin at the moment! I will not start a session or book/plan one with you until a payment has been made. Once I've received your payment and such, I'll confirm our session by sending you a live picture of my username and the date so you know that I am real. I want to make this as fun and safe and I don't believe in scamming either. We'll be on our way!

  • 50$: for one entire day of the GFE, morning to night. Also some flirty and sexy photos included if I agree to it.

(That one is more suitable if you're just trying it out. You may come back to me if you are interested in extending your time.)

  • 80$: for a consecutive 3 days of the GFE, morning to night. Also some flirty and sexy photos included if I agree to it.
  • 120$: for an entire 6 day week of the GFE, morning to night. Also some flirty and sexy photos included if I agree to it,
  • 200$: for an entire MONTH ( 31 days) of the GFE, morning to night.


My KIK is the same as my reddit username so add and I'll respond ASAP! I also cater to men, women, and everybody else who do not fit in the gender and sex binary. You're welcome with me!

Thank you so much and I look forward to playing with you! xoxo

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