Killed a grizzly, and while I was skinning it, a dead woman appeared next to me. I couldn’t affect her with bullets or dynamite, but after the dynamite I could pick her up. I dropped her body only to have it remain stuck mid-air. It was creepy.

I’m on the fence about it being a texture glitch because the eyes have a yellow iris while the rest of the eye is the typical green colour. If it were a texture glitch wouldn’t the eyes just be a complete green colour? Or maybe it is a texture glitch, and it’s the lighting that hits the eyeballs that make the iris look yellow.

What’s strange is many dead bodies have their eyes closed, with the occasional one with their eyes open. I feel like the ones who have their eyes closed have this weird glitch happen, but that’s just me speculating.

Either way I don’t think R* will confirm or deny this whole thing regarding if we’re getting Undead Nightmare or a Halloween event, I just want a developer to come forward and say it’s a glitch or not but that’s wishful thinking.

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