Kim Jong Kook picks Ji Suk Jin as the least popular 'Running Man' member

You got downvoted but I have to agree. Suk Jin to this day still gives it his all. Lots of people have been mentioning that the "PD has been pushing JSJ forward" recently but alot of that is that JSJ is still charging forward and participating actively on the show.

I understand why the other members would feel atrophy now towards the show. But kudos to JSJ for still bringing the same sort of energy. That's not to say that the other members have given up completely but it's no secret which ones have sort of decided to just settle into the background and sail by on their popularity if you simply compare an older episode and a recent one. Anyone can say it's not the cast member's fault and that the show has become redundant but it's their job and, if not for the fact that they're getting paid for it, then just ethically they should feel obligated to put more effort in.

A final point I know people are going to mention are the members's other activities. That JSJ doesn't have any. But YJS is still putting in the same amount of effort even after having taken on more shows. He may be the MC but that doesn't mean it's his job to put in more effort than other people. Same goes for Haha. The man has a ridiculous amount of energy that he channels into RM despite running a restaurant business, overseas activities, and IC (which isn't the easiest), along with handling his family. I could go on about each other members and analyze their level of contribution but mainly my point is that I agree that JSJ deserves credit for his efforts (although KJK may be right about the popularity thing which isn't something honestly that anyone can control but the fans)

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