The kind of place you want to work at.

Got to the post late, but at my university our baseball team would hold kangaroo courts every week. We would fine teammates for ridiculous things that happen throughout the fall semester (I was fined $5 for listening to “Every Time We Touch” by Cascada at the gym once and I still have no regrets, it’s a banger lol). Once we reach the end of the semester though, we typically use the money to throw a big party.

Well one year, we had a teammate from the Dominican Republic. He had been living in the U.S since middle school, but his immediate family was still in the DR. We quickly knew what we had to do with the money.....AND WE THREW THE BEST DAMN PARTY THAT SEMESTER!!!

....just kidding! Of course we flew him to the Dominican Republic. Him getting to see his family and come back rejuvenated next semester was such a special sight to see/hear about. Glad this owner did something similar.

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