This is kind of pointless - can anyone tell me where this is in Ireland?

I'll second the request for more info. But it's 2.15am and I can't sleep, so here is my guess:

Assumption 1: this is in the Republic, although I can't make out a reg colour on the parked car.

Assumption 2: the white/red sign at the end of the alley is not a Cork, Derry or Tyrone flag. It would appear that Cork and Tyrone are usually Red-White, but that Derry is sometimes White-Red. I know nothing of sports and have no other reason to be aware of these flags. I also don't drive much, so this may be an uncommon road sign I'm unaware of? Other people will know more about this topic.

Those being said;

I've spent most of my time thinking about this considering the billboard. My best guess is that it's an ad for Merrion Fleet, who boasted 650,000 vehicles for rent globally in 2013 in this 'about us' section - the same year as this Google image was taken. Their Irish branch appears to be based out of Dublin ('01' number) and that, coupled with the Dutch Gold can on the ground, suggests urban Dublin to me.

Though what I can't figure out are the two blue bins - are they cannisters or blue wheelies? If they are blue wheelies, in Dublin this would indicate glass recycling bins. The only reason one residence would need 2+ of these (and no other visible wheelies) is if it's a pub. From the upstairs windows in this building, it's clearly not one. If these are wheelies, my best guess for this is somewhere academic and science-based. Perhaps on UCD campus grounds.

If you look at the buildings, you have an alleyway between two clearly old and run-down houses, with quite a new building at the end of it. If this is Dublin, and not UCD, my best guess is somewhere recently swallowed up in Dublin's urban sprawl. And from the rubbish on the ground, boarded up windows in the alley and bars on the downstairs windows of the building in the background, I would guess one which is not inherently affluent, but which has become a highly prospective area for residential property in recent years. Perhaps somewhere in the southside - Walkinstown, Kimmage to Ballyfermot area?

Or maybe I'm totally off the mark. This was fun all the same.

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