I kinda agree with this, but social isolation helped me a lot; I'm not sure I can live like this forever, but for a while, you should definitely try it!! Is there anyone else who thinks social isolation is beneficial?

Yeah I started working from home and living alone for the first time in my life in March 2020. I loved it initially but found myself lonely and depressed by 2021 during the peak of Omicron.

But the experience was actually a blessing in disguise for me. I had always been a bit too emotionally dependant on others, and I always had a fear of loneliness. Being forced into a corner with it was hell for some time no doubt.

But on the other side of it, I feel like an unhealthy attachment was broken. I appreciate the time I spend with friends and family more now than ever. But I also don't need it like I thought I did, I don't start to crumble as person without it.

I think it's a good experience to still embrace that we are social creatures by nature. But we are also extremely resilient, as humans finding a way to adapt and survive is our inmate special ability. I feel happy and free from alot of worries now.

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