Kingdom 752 Spoilers

Is Riboku immortal ? I mean lets face it Kanki gave this men a side lobotomy and he can still talk and stand, I don't know what happens now with Qin taking it's biggest lose with 140k killed, losing 6GG.

Maybe, Riboku will take a look at Kanki dead body and do a speech about his victory only to look back and see a massive fire ( fire started near Hika ) has grown out of control and spread all over the forest. This would make him leave quickly, and leave Kanki body alone, his men would die of overheat, smoke inhalation, stampeding. In terms of history it would make sence about Kanki body and Riboku winning the war but losing great amount of men, preventing him to push forward into Qin.

I also have a thought about the next chapter, after Zhao celebrate and shout for Riboku, that he just collapses and they have to take him to see a doctor. The doctor patches him up but says he can't know for sure if Riboku will ever wake up. Ousen might find this out later down the coming days and might attack who knows.

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