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Listen here you little beautiful sunflower no matter how much computing power you have the gameplay,Control scheme and the limited access to game elements is gonna suck and the I/O is the resources deployed meaning the amount of small clogs aka properties working individually to turn the big wheel aka a characters Now each of the characters have them and the articles you gave me explaining speed of writing and reading are either reading or writing not doing both at same time.Imagine reading writing calculating and then multiply it to a million then an ARM chip couldn't do this due to the "power saving features" while x86 will say "hell yeah".ARM sucks dick at this because what it lacks in this is called the power saving features while x86 makes it easier due to being built over a prehistoric foundation that isn't made to save but to deliver and please don't touch an article you're unsure of.But in the end if a game makes you happy go play it even if it's a computer game,a mobile game or a board game.Arguing on internet to people regarding computer architecture is foolish thing to do.And there is also some thing I'd like to admit that I've recently visited the arm repo and they've made some recent changes over 1 year course that solved the above lock in a " hack" but it is just on paper and should work So,maybe I am wrong maybe I am not.I leave this conversation because I've got some code to debug and it ain't gonna do it itself.

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