Kingdom Hearts 3 -- Now that the game has been out for some time, what are your lasting impressions?

Disappointment. So take from that what you want or you can look at my bitching bellow. There's extra bitching in the link. The comments fall in line with my opinion of the game.

The worlds were too long and drawn out, especially Rapunzel and Frozen and Big Hero Six was straight up awful. The combat was vapid. I spent the first several hours hoping for Drive Forms while going from disliking to detesting Form Changes, and to a much greater degree, the attractions. Exposition came in 2 forms. Villains taunting shit talking at random times, or ENORMOUS DUMPS after the first and second sets of worlds. A weakness in former games, but drastically exasperated. 2 months ago, there was a video by someone with many complaints that r/games took exception to

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