Kirk Hammett Says Lulu Is One Of The Best Things METALLICA Ever Did - Metal Injection

Good for Kirk to say that. It's unfortunate Lulu is so misunderstood. There are throngs of Metallica fans who just want a forgettable radio rock album. Metallica devoted the 1990s to make that type of record and that effort got the most mainstream praise, and more importantly, $$$$. Those radio rock people won't understand and don't understand Lulu. Metallica had to know it wouldn't make the same money as a generic Reload type record.

Many bands won't ever have the opportunity to have such a collaboration with a legendary artist. Still more would never attempt such a thing to disrupt the cash flow & upset their constituency. If the album is disappointing to you, at least appreciate their ability and drive to push the creative boundary.

Lou Reed brought Metallica to a higher level, or at least to a previously unexplored musical dimension and the result is nothing short of thrilling. The album covers sexuality, violence, struggling in life and relationships, disappointment and disillusion with those concepts in life... the result is a truly organic, honest musical expression that is refreshing and truly one of a kind.

Humble suggestion: revisit this record with an open mind. It might surprise you.

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