Kissing goodbye to weed for good

Congratulations , I believe the best way to live if possible is with the natural chemical soup in your brain. If you are able to achieve that in your life, you are doing something right.

I've gone on breaks for years and never thought I'd use cannabis again until I had a PTSD episode and was diagnosed with a nerve disorder. Since I started treatment with microdoses of THC, found out I'm highly sensitive to the effects, only use about 1/8 th gram of flower per day, in the form of home made edibles. It comes out to about 10-20 mg daily.

Any more and there is too much of a hangover effect. To keep from having to escalate continually, I'll take 1-3 days off randomly. The line between enough and too much is very narrow. More than 30 mg or so and I do get some anxiety. Without it though I can get depressed, have more pain and sleep issues. I guess that's called addiction but at this point I'd rather not live without it.

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