Kitty Pryde says the N-word. (Uncanny X-Men #196)

the theory that lots of X-Men is intended as an allegory of the civil rights struggles and racism against minorities,

I think that’s an attempt to rewrite history and try to make the X-Men more socially conscious than it really was. It wasn’t at the time it was created, and in the 80s, it was too late to be relevant.

People seem to forget the X-Men weren’t Marvels golden children all along. X-Men before GS#1 was terrible. It was on the verge of cancellation and death pretty early in its run. For a long time, it was just reprints of old issues. Even attempts to revive it didn’t work (Neal Adams short-run for example) until GS#1 scrapped the old series and replaced it with something totally different.

The n-word (and more) was thrown around by white people much more in the 80s than it is today. It was wrong then and wrong now, but it didn’t have the impact then that it does today. Comics from the 80s and before had a great deal of racism, sexism, and sexual violence/harassment that was portrayed as normal.

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