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After reviewing your post, it appears that most or all of your questions can be answered by our Wiki (link), especially the FAQ (link) and Getting Started (link) sections.

Please take the time to read these resources thoroughly, as what you need to know can be found there. Feel free to make a new thread if you have more specific questions that are not answered by the Wiki.


Rule 1: Be respectful and civil

/r/Fitness is a place to discuss fitness in a civil manner. Personal attacks and unwanted sexual comments will not be tolerated. Prohibited behavior includes (but is not limited to) racist, misogynistic, sexist, and overtly offensive comments that have nothing to do with fitness.

These comments - whether intended to be a joke or not - are prohibited. Commenters can and will be banned for such behavior at the discretion of the mods without warning. Stay mindful of reddiquette and consider this reminder from the reddit admins.

Similarly, threads and comments that exist solely for the purpose of ridiculing other people are not allowed. This includes making fun of other people's exercise choices, performances, and physiques.


Rule 2: All posts must be specific to fitness and promote discussion

Just because something happened in a gym or during a run does not mean it is about fitness. Do not post random stories that happened to you, nuances of your gym experience, things you see other people do, or simple self-congratulations. This subreddit is about health and fitness goals, and how we obtain them. It is not a place to tease out your social dilemmas.

/r/Fitness is not your diary.

Any post that is deemed off-topic, adding no value, or otherwise inappropriate for the subreddit will be removed. The mods reserve the right to remove any post.


Rule 4: Progress/Achievement posts require relevant information

It's great that you achieved some goal or milestone, but without telling us how you did it, your post is nothing more than patting yourself on the back. If you just want to show off some before and after pics, take a look at /r/progresspics, as it is made specifically for that. If you still want to post to Fittit, there are some ways of sharing your success that help the community more than others. Further, you may also get more out of sharing your success if you tell us how you changed for the better.

Progress and Achievement posts must include:

  • Ending sex, weight, height, and age;
  • Detailed diet and/or exercise routine(s) used, including specifics such as calories consumed, weight lifted, distance run, etc;
  • Before and after photos (for progress posts only).

Additional info to provide if available and as appropriate:

  • Photos or videos documenting the achievement, e.g. video of a PR lift or finish line photos;
  • A race or meet report detailing the experience if this was an official event;
  • Any other measurements made during this progress, waist size, body fat percentage, personal victories, etc;
  • Additional pictures, e.g. profile or side shots to show posture shifts;
  • Your motivation or lessons learned;
  • What are your next steps? What now?

By including much or all of this information in your post other Fittit users may benefit by learning answers to questions they may have had or did not know to ask. For tips and a posting template, check out this post.


Rule 5: Asking for medical or injury advice is not allowed

If you're sick, hurt, or injured you should be getting help and/or advice somewhere else - preferably from a doctor. While people in Fittit might have similar conditions as you, not a single person will be able to examine you personally or understand your specific situation, and it's very hard to validate credentials over the internet. You should instead find a professional with proper schooling and experience who can examine and treat you in person. General Practitioners might not be the best for sports-related issues, so it is recommended that you find a Sports Medicine doctor or a Physical Therapist.

Prohibited topics include, but are not limited to: training advice with a known medical condition; training advice specifically involving an injured body part; and "general experience" posts asking about other people's experiences with a particular injury. Posts on these topics are considered requests for medical/injury advice and are not allowed. Posts seeking training advice that excludes an injured body part are allowed.

If you would like help identifying or correcting a painful movement, consider posting a form check.
If you post a form check and there's something wrong with your form; /r/Fitness can help with that. If your form is perfect, there's something wrong with your body and you need to see a doctor
Wondering if you hurt yourself or just experiencing normal soreness? See this FAQ entry. If you want generic "injury" advice, please read the FAQ entry on it.


Rule 8: No advertising or self-promotion

Advertising of services, products, apps, websites, or fundraisers is not allowed here. Fittit is not a platform to drive traffic to you and reddit has a built in system for advertising which you should use instead. /r/Fitness is also not a forum for you to conduct market research or to use as a polling place, study group, or brainstorming. Posts fitting these descriptions may, however, be submitted in our weekly Self-Promotion Saturday threads with impunity.

We do allow product giveaways, however, provided they adhere to the following conditions:

  • Giveaways must be physical products that can be held in your hand. You can hold a phone in your hand; you can't hold an app, promo code, or service.
  • Giveaways must be Reddit-only contests and not rely or direct users to an off-site webpage.
  • Prize-givers must provide proof (e.g. photo or company tweet) that they are affiliated with the company.
  • Shipping costs must be included and prize-givers must state where they are willing to ship to.
  • Any contest and prizes are no way affiliated with /r/Fitness or its moderators. All concerns are between the giftee and gifter.

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