Klein, the character balancer, is insisting that Wattson is strong in arenas even with the bug where her fences don't stun

Same guy who commented and saying mirage is top tier legend, Rev needs a buff, let's remove the red shield for lifeline and caustic is the weakest character lol

If he was fhe leader for weapons nerfs and bufs he would've said spitfire id the weakest gun and p-2020 is the strongest gun lol

Jokes aside, I don't hate him nor any other dev, I just find it dumb that we have to go off of wins and lost ratio with all of the equipment and knowledge the devs are able to use off of us as a while community, I don't understand what's the point I wins and lost ratio, to me it's almost like fortnites vault, (a lazy way)while I wouldn't say lazy, I would more so call it(don't know what to do with certain guns, characters, ect)while bang and valk is balanced, characters like gibby is still top teir legend when it comes to rotations and 1vs3 if you have good recoil control for guns, and while characters like(loba, rampart, ect)needs to still be work on

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