Kleypas Fans

Honestly, I read the Travis books a long time ago and I agree, I remember them being not as bad as the Friday Harbour ones. I know this sounds like a floopy logic at best, (and my language, of course deserts me when I need it the most) but, they just never made me turn the page as quick as her historicals did. With her historicals, I just couldn't wait to see what happens next (yes, I confess, I'm an HR fan more than a contemporary fan) But Penny Reid's contemporary books do that for me. I cannot describe how quickly I went through the Winston brothers series. Just might re-read the Travis' at a later date. But Friday Harbour is a firm no. I remember it going just all over the place. It had the potential to be an interesting series but it felt forced as if she had to stick to a formula that she wasn't comfortable with. Just my opinion, of course. Different people feel differently. Am I making any sense? (again, my language capabilities revert to Tarzan beginner level when I'm interacting with people....even online!)

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