Klopp on Salzburg video from inside the dressing room at HT at Anfield: "If LFC put a camera on me in a situation like that then I would leave the club."

Oddly that was my introduction to the club and as bizarre as it was, I could tell it was trying to model itself after other American sports series (Hard Knocks, 24/7, etc.), but it was done very strangely.

I still managed to fall in love with the history and culture of the club and the city, and that it was an awkward time in the club’s storied history actually bolstered my interest in seeing where things would go from there and getting invested at that point.

I know the series is a total meme, but it’s crazy how much it ended up impacting my life. Couldn’t imagine it without Liverpool. To be perfectly honest, might not be here without the club. Helped me through some seriously tough times.

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