Klopp Pre West Ham Press Conference Summary

Well, he's not wrong. There was a lot that was frustrating to watch like when we literally played the ball back from Sunderland's half of the pitch to Mignolet. But our pressing was smarter this time around. There still needs to be a lot of work for it to be as effective as we want it to.

For example, I think it was Lallana and Milner who were going to press a player on the wing, but it left a Sunderland player wide open. That's obviously going to happen because Milner just can't be in two places at once. But, that would mean that Moreno would have to cover the Sunderland player who was open. At that point, you'd eliminate all potential passes and the ability to wiggle his way down the pitch.

From there, we'd either force a turnover or he'd kick the ball at Milner/Lallana for a throw in.

The press and counter attack works really well. We've seen it work really well against the likes of City and Southampton. Despite what everyone says, all of our games can be like those games.

It's really difficult to explain to neutrals/non-fans about our difficulties. We have six midfielders on the pitch. Only one of them (Firmino) is used to making runs behind the defense. Lallana is just now getting comfortable with his movement in the box.

Everyone is really quick to say "Clear out", but this is a learning experience for the whole team. It's sad to see people think that this team is bad. It's the mentality. Push forward. Safe passes are great until you realize we've wasted two minutes just passing it amongst us.

On that note, I say it's mentality because of our need to complete safe passes. Passing it around in the back has never gotten us anywhere. The reason I mention that is because we got pressed. Yeah, we got pressed by Sunderland. The ball kept going back and forth between our back four and it just let the Sunderland players get into the perfect position to press all of our players at once. If that were Arsenal, City, Leicester, or Tottenham - we would have conceded.

I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy and I'm seeing it wrong. But this is what I think after watching each game we've played since Klopp took over.

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