I knew it and he admitted it.

Being honest with you. I’ve struggled with “being a man with sexual desires syndrome” for a very long time.

I told my wife. I was so unsatisfied with it. Maybe I’m just wired that way. She’s now ok with threesomes.

Would I EVER have cheated on her? No fucking way. She’s the love of my life. Id never ever wrong her like that. So you can hope against biology. Just some people are cunts. Having said that. Some people do make mistakes.

It’s up to your judgement to decide which side your partner falls on I suppose.

I actually think, from what ive seen. Most women would be pretty chill (atleast the younger generations) with such an arrangement that I have. Most women are a little bi curious and reality is (we’re probably all a bit bi) women arousal has been shown in studies to be more about stimulation etc rather than visual so it makes sense to why more women fall into a more flexible sexuality. (I’d assume maybe biology plays a part in this too, if 93% of these societies had the 1 man many women arrangements I’d assume many of these women were having sex with the man with other women). It also makes sense from a competition pov. If men are having sex with other men and women. There’s competition for impregnation. Women are also shown throughout history to try and trick men into believing the baby is theirs to get support. (So it’s ugly both sides).

But yeah? With my situation. the key part is that… it wasn’t assumed. And end of the day my wife can always know I’m hers. I’d never stray from her. So you can hope for a better man/better relationship if it was a genuine mistake. That does exist. Not every man cheats even with all the urges.

Sorry to share my opinions etc. it’s just rarely accepted because people like idealised realities. Reality is ugly. We eat other animals. Literally living things. We die. Our legs fester when cut. Biology/life is ugly. It’s not usually what we desire it to be. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t boss it around when we want to/can.

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