The Knicks' Mitchell Robinson ends Summer League with an average of 4 blocks per game, the highest ever recorded in summer league history amongst qualified players

No clue how so many GMs let Robinson fall like that though. 7'1", long wingspan, crazy athleticism, and decent basketball skills/instincts.

Not saying these are reasons to let him fall so far but just from the top of my head, he's not very articulate and has a lisp so (a bit unfairly) he doesn't come off as the brightest and there isn't much information on his mental/work ethic in general. As far as basketball goes, his game is completely reliant on his athleticism, and he hasn't shown much skill or understanding of the game (mostly because he's only played at the high school level).

If I was a GM in the late 1st and the 2nd I would've taken a chance but I'm not a GM or anyone important.

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