Knights sign teenage rugby star Ofa Manuofetoa

I get what you're saying, and I agree mostly, but there is no excuse to be in the current situation the Knights find themselves other than sheer incompetence.

To offset the dodgy payments and third party deals the Knights do have far richer junior ranks to pull from than any other club.

Speaking of third parties you'll like this because our Super CEO Matt Gidley just completely fucked one up. There was a group of businessmen who've been agitating to bring Joel Edwards back to the Knights. They're prepared to pay his salary but Gidley has been completely dismissive. And when approached by The Herald a couple of weeks ago here's what our chief fuckwit had to say:

"I’m not aware of where Joel is up to."

The businessmen were furious. They've told Gidley to stick it and walked away.

No I know Edwards isn't a world beater, but he's a good hand. Just as good as Buhrer and Kostjasyn, with the added bonus of being paid for by someone else. And what does Gidley do? Piss the men who were going to pay right off.

I don't care how good Brown is, and I do think highly of him. He can't possibly succeed with the incompetence of the board, Gidley and management.

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