Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves

I have a few issues with it honestly. For the technical part, my issue mostly centers around the overused trope of Keanu's character almost escaping only at the last second for the girls to get the upper hand and break.

But in terms of plot.....

[spoiler text here] Why haven't these girls been caught? I mean, they uploaded something on facebook that is obviously one of the girls raping Keanu, presumable with Keanu hulking out and slugging the girl unconscious as he tries to make his escape, so at least the blonde's face is on camera. And they have stated they do this several times, so there's definitely more reports of these crazy chicks out there.

The girls specifically state that they aren't killers, yet they both only cackle in delight about Luis dying because of their actions and hint that they have a whole network worth of people that can hide the dude's body, suggesting that they need the service of hiding a body way more often than just the occasional accident. Which that's another question in and of itself. They hint at an entire network of people who take part in this, but only as a convenient method to get rid of Luis.

Another question I have is what the fuck were the girl's motives in this damn movie? At first, they seemed to have a serious hatred of adulterers, but then at the end, they semi-reveal they just sort of do this thing for the shits and giggles. Even though they have an entire network of people, do extensive spy work on their victims and so on. So......what exactly is the point of it all? (#spoiler)

In the end, for me, there's just too many questions that remained unanswered.

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