Kodak Moments

Working as a nanny/babysitter worked wonders for me (I've done it on and off throughout my life). It's like dogsitting--lots of fun, but you get to step back and do whatever after, taking care of only yourself when you're not on duty.

It also helped that my best friend has had two great kids in the time I've known her. We are so close we can talk about literally anything, and I feel like I got to see a lot of the pregnancy/birth process vicariously. With none of the pain and responsibility! And less of the reward, of course, but it's enough for me.

I got very attached to the kids I watched, and also now to my best friend's kiddos. It's great because I'm like the cool aunt (except not cool). I love getting to watch them, then going home to relax and smoke weed and eat candy for dinner and keep my house as cluttered and full of dangers as I want. We get tons of kodak moments and free time--best of both worlds. :)

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