Koestl has finished his editing pass on Muv-Luv Alternative

I'm just saying he's historically significant as far as the VN translation scene goes, not that he's currently significant. The original post said koestl had a better reputation than "Ixrec ever had" and I think that kind of ignores the fact that despite his flaws, this guy was one of the major faces of the VN translation scene back in his prime.

True fan translation seems to be on a relative decline compared to official localization anyway (which has capitalized well on the market and community generated by fan translations, which was kind of the point I was trying to make earlier, not that Ixrec himself is somehow a potential employee) so I don't think the "nobody will want to translate these games because he did" argument really holds as much water as it once did. Official companies have shown multiple times now that selling a previously fan translated game is not as difficult as people once thought it might be, and in some ways can be advantageous since you've got a title that already has pre-existing exposure and fans in the English community.

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