Kohler concealed trapway problems?

By "cough up" you mean "reluctantly and after much hassle on your part." Right?

No. Mostly if there is an issue, they send parts. Lots of parts. Not always the right ones and just getting basic concepts across to 'tech' support can be painful but once I submit my report as . It is often my opinion and observations they use to determine with whom the fault lies with failures. My attitude is ,unless the customer clearly vandalized or is trying to scam AND they are not at least courteous to me, kohler is paying. The trapway issue is a different problem than the the regular overly complicated, poorly designed, hastily taken to production products I usually repair for them. They are in damage control i figure. Spread blame, revise specs etc. Basic Pocket Sand it will be interesting to see what happens. Numi top assemblies wear out because who suspected would have suspected that plastic gears wouldn't last. Elevance computers that go into mysterious lockout mode. All sorts of DTV rebuilds as well as the recent realization that canadian plumbing code is different than American. Notably our requirement to store dommestic hot water not below 140° whereas some Kohler products require no more than 120° delivered to the valves etc. You get a mixing valve and you get a mixing valve! Everyone gets a mixing valve@ Anything for Numi, Elevance or the DTV gets here fast. They are well aware of the weaknesses and have spare parts ready to ship. The flagship products have to be working. Kohler is pretty much paying for my kids university.

For example. Sequence of operation of Elevance rising wall tub. -Temper water to desired temp. -Close bottom drain. -Get in -Raise door -door Seal inflates -If sensors do not detect water in 2 min(about 6") the main side drain valve opens as computer assumes something has gone wrong. -If sensors detect water (or rather the impurities in it) tub fills and bathing happens. -When exiting, tap the door release sensor. The 2" electric side valve opens and begins the draining. Open Bottom drain to speed up. -When sensors no longer detect water, the door Seal deflates and you can lower door and exit.

Here is a scary scenario. House has a significant, whole house water filter system. All is well as customer always puts Epson salts in her bath. Until one day she lingers and keeps topping up the water to keep warm. When she wants out, she taps the door release sensor and the side valve and door seal open simultaneously as the sensors do not detect any water because she flushed all the salt down the overflow while refilling with hot and now it's too pure. An entire bathtub of water in now on the floor. "No sir. Our product can not do that. Must be user error or was improper installed. The fact we are sending every moving or electric part to be replaced is not an admission of liability"

Oh. And if the power goes out while you are in the tub, not only will the door seals eventual but you can not exit tub. Tl;dr. Shower, don't bathe.

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