Korean Singer, "Yoon Mi Rae" takes Legal Action against Sony Pictures for Using Her Song in "The Interview" without permission

It was rushed, over acted. The humor was simple, jokes about putting stuff up men's asses was used multiple times. They used boners as a gag multiple times.

They bragged about not using a script and improving, but most of the movie was just them repeating things to each other. Honestly, I would be embarrassed for them if they had a script. It's a simple premise, one person is confused and the other is angry about it. They go back and forth until someone interrupts them.

James Franco was not believable at any point. It was terrible acting, plain and simple. It was obnoxious to even watch him.

The entire plot was rushed up to the end, and there was no development of characters at all. At any point Franco could've died and I wouldn't have cared. The only reason I knew they were best friends is because that's what they've always done in movies.

People are going to say "don't go to a Rogen/Franco movie expecting good acting and character development" but that doesn't ride with me. Soon enough you won't be able to go to any movie to see those things. This is the kind of low expectations that make movies with no substance like Transformers box office hits, and any movie that actually leaves you with something an "indie flick". If you watch actually good comedy movies, some of which have been made by Rogen, you will find they contain great plots and acting.

I'm not gonna say people can't enjoy it, just in the scope of a movie it was terrible. If it had starred anyone else it would've been scrapped, but instead it has a guaranteed profit because of who is in it. It's like saying someone can't talk shit about Ghostrider because you don't go to a Nick Cage movie expecting it to be good. It's a shitty movie, that's it. I love the movie Judge Dredd, and it fucking sucks.

People are too busy circle-jerking about 'murica and freedom, when real freedom would've been us not pressuring Sony into releasing a movie that it didn't want to for its own safety against hack attacks. I don't know if it was at all theaters, but before the movie I was forced to sit through some ham planet singing god bless America over old school clips of people sitting with families and shit, with an American flag superimposed over it. As if the entire point of this movie was to do good and spark the patriot in all of us.

They even could've actually revealed some of what is happening in the DPRK, but instead they just made it look fucking awesome and we were expected to hate it.

TL:DR- if you can look past the terrible acting, the stale comedy and incredibly rushed feeling of the whole movie, you probably will enjoy it. Nothing says "hilarious" like jokes about putting things up men's asses and asking a dictator if he poops.Rogen and Franco have their finger on the pulse of comedy, if only because the other four fibers are around it's throat, choking it into submission.

I don't really say this often, but I'll get downvoted for this. I'll get made fun of for taking a comedy movie too seriously, but someone needs to and it apparently isn't going to be the people making them. Comedy is getting ruined by lackluster "films" like anything Adam Sandler makes and Seth Rogen's recent attempts, and people are letting it happen cause a movie where you get two quotable lines and a few chuckles out of is now acceptable.

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