Kotaku reporting Battleborn will go free to play

Evolve had a huge boost in players when it went F2P, while it wasn't intended to go F2P in the first place and it mainly failed due to issues with the game itself.

Yeah and look at it now. It already struggles again with slightly below ~3k daily players

Battleborn can be said to have failed due to marketing mistakes and other stuff outside of the game.

That's your opinion. The fact is that over 2 million people played the beta, but we never saw more than 12k concurrent players.

I doubt marketing was the problem with there.

Review scores were mediocore and many players just shruged it off as an average game.

And while you and me may agree that it's not similar with Overwatch (or Paladins) at all, the masses still compared (and compare) those games and in that comparison, Overwatch or Paladins just wins. OW has a much better quality to it, with ongoing support and a playerbase, and Paladins is free with way less grind. And that's a f2p game.

important however is that this time, Battleborn does not attract Overwatch players, but MOBA players instead.

Nonsense. Nobody who is heavily invested in Dota2, LoL, Smite, Paragons or other hardcore MOBAs will move over to Battleborn. And nobody did when it came out either. Why on earth would they?

MOBA players want an in depth game that's highly competetive with an incredible high skill ceiling. Something Battleborn is not. Battleborn is a game for people who want a hero shooter with more complex mechanics behind it. That's it.

The thing is, when that's not working, all those players simply go to another Hero Shooter, even if it's less complex. Those left over are those who play Battleborn for the PvE with friends.

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