Kpop fans do not understand the state of homophobia in korea

I agree. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I find it really grating. For those closeted idols, which I'm sure there are quite a few given how many idols are currently in the industry, all these kpop fans are doing is putting these people under further scrutiny. I'm an American living in Korea and there are very few people out, and it's for a reason. It has less so do with possible violent reactions and more to do with being completely shunned by society and losing one's job, family and/or friends. But also, physical affection is normal here between two men or two women and Koreans will always assume there's nothing gay about it lol. I get these fans wanting to see LGB+ representation in Korean media but I don't think a lot of these fans understand the repercussions these idols in question might face because of them. It's all fun and games until it's not.

This isn't to say I don't enjoy a good inside gay joke or funny compilations about it every now and then, but people going out of their way to push this until it reaches the Korean media are just hurting these idols in the long run.

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