Krystal goes on Tucker to combat Chuck Todd smear of Bernie backers

I don't buy the analysis of Tuckers sympathy. I feel like we're currently in crazytown, where the "female electability" question pretty much brought Warren down (along with her medicare for all proposal), yet a jewish socialist is supposedly A-OK despite Socialism being pretty much the one thing a majority of Americans say they wouldn't vote for (and let's not kid ourselves, being a jewish socialist will play into lurking antisemitic tropes).

Yet over in r/politics that same poll is apparently "nice" because 76% of Democrats do. Yeah they better fucking do if it's vs Trump. What the hell is this? Socialism may well be huuuuge detriment to Sanders, we don't know yet because he personally and currently polls well in head-to-head matchup, but that's pre-Team Trump smearseason's really kicked in, and the assumption that Tucker's so nice cause of some proxy goodwill... yeah I don't buy it. A more obvious answer it seems to me is that Team Trump wants Bernie. As do I by the way.

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