Kundalini keto

Just before my 25th birthday I felt strange, a burning at the back of my head dilated pupils, crazy intuition, inability to sleep, dreams referencing books I had never read and versus from religious texts I had never read. I felt like I had jumped timelines as history seems to be different now than what I previously remember, I have so much information I want to discuss with people but frequently cause upset when I try to talk to my wife (crying and hysteria at basic discussions as simple as meditation) I have been to a psychic who has been through an awakening too and she is visual and tells me I have such good energy.

I originally interpreted these messages as going vegan is the best way but with no supplements and after 20 years of nothing but coke and fast food with the occasional real meal and a life long battle with IBS. I am improved however I am in a position where I weeks away from being able to afford more supplements etc which will give me more freedom from certain foods. I am seeking people with the same experiences or similar experiences who now believe they have gained psychic abilities and have gone in for a blood type test as I believe that may help with nutrition but ketosis has given me a calming effect where people can understand what I am saying as people asked me if I was on crystal meth and I hadn't eaten for days.. If anyone has any advice on how to develop these abilities as I now feel like everything around me is meaningless except for the most basic things such as the sunrise and the beach.

During fasting I seemed to be able to decode everything clouds movies the alphabet as a second language, foreign languages, the internet and google results without looking through every page.

I am currently experiencing peoples energy and I think a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, I feel like I get minor headaches around some people and have even seen peoples eyes turn into vertical lines similar to reptilian videos. I recognize myself in one of the ancient alien videos and whenever I try to show others they recognize other people (famous people) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaiRuQZ_aZo go to 14:22

I believe that is me 100 percent but even my wife does not see me there.

The truth is right under our nose (hold a mirror there and draw it) all I see is a love heart

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