Kurt Busch concussion puts NASCAR Next Gen crashes front and center - RACER

what bugs me is the next-gen car was built for "cost savings" and to mimic the "production version" of the car, yet the entire bodies of the car are carbon fiber/composite (do you know of any full carbon production camry?), sequential shifter, single lug nut cars. All of these things are dramatically more expensive than running (stamped) sheet metal, 6-speed gated transmissions and 5 lug wheels. Think of all the money the teams have lost this year over the single lug wheels.

But what I don't like is that now drivers are getting hurt because guess what, carbon fiber doesn't have a crumple feature like sheet metal. Drivers are hitting harder than they have in 15+ years with this car. The sheet metal thing irks me because think of all the employees who have lost their jobs because they were sheet metal workers in race shops...why? so NASCAR could contract with Five Star and Fibreworks. These cars are just put together like a lego kit and these cars have lost a ton of soul and hand craftsmanship

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