Kyle Rittenhouse says he used coronavirus stimulus check to buy AR-15 used in fatal shooting

Not really related to the topic but just thought I’d share for anyone interested in the US legal system and how fucked it is. My sophomore year of college I got charged for a minor in consumption and possession of paraphernalia for a bong (even longer more bs story if anyone wants to hear it). I luckily lived in the only county in my state where possession of paraphernalia wasn’t a felony and only a misdemeanor. I show up to my first court date to meet with a judge over a tv (this was years before quarantine) and he basically just asked me about the situation and if I wanted a public defender or if I had my own. As a broke college student who comes from a poor family I asked for a public defender and got my next court date. Some time passes and I show up to my next court date and they eventually call us in the courtroom. I sit down in front of the judge and the trial or whatever starts and I ask about my public defender because it was just me at my table and the prosecutors at the table next to me. They basically told me that since I wasn’t facing jail time (because it wasn’t a felony in my county) I didn’t have access to a public defender which caught me totally off guard since I was expecting the charges to be dropped with the minimal/free legal assistance I could get as the whole situation was total bs.I ended up having to accept a plea deal which consisted of 4 months unsupervised probation and a $500 fine to get all charges dropped or scrubbed from my record. At the end of the day I made it out all good and got everything dropped but was just total bs that I showed up to my trial expecting a public defender and found out I was on my own as the trial started for a total bs situation in the first place

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