Kyle Rittenhouse won’t be charged for gun offense in Illinois: prosecutors

I'm mostly just curious to see how it plays out in court, I don't have any truly strong feelings on how he should be charged.

My opinion of Rittenhouse is overwhelmingly negative, but deep down I think there's a reasonable case to be made that when he fired, he was in fear of losing control of his weapon and his life. Once Rosenbaum was shot, I suspect that retreating (and ideally surrendering to police, not leaving the state) may have been his best chance at de-escalation. I'm not an expert on self defense though and I certainly don't know every detail of that night.

Where it gets interesting to me is the argument that Rittenhouse is responsible because he made a dangerous situation more dangerous by being there with a rifle for no good reason. That's a compelling argument to me in a lot of ways, I'm just not convinced of how legally relevant that should be to his various charges. I do kind of agree with /u/crimsdings that it's a slippery slope. I also think this complicated situation and it would be negligent to dismiss that angle as mere "victim blaming".

As far as /r/Libertarian goes, I'm more of an issue-by-issue kind of guy than a Libertarian. This subreddit is pretty good compared to most other political subreddits though.

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