L.A. will need to create a 'housing machine' as part of homeless bond measure, official says

its pretty much why im entirely apathetic to it. people will call us heartless and cruel and all this shit, then what the fuck else are we supposed to do? We give them what they need, they shit on it. We cant figure out what they want, because none of them will reciprocate, as in give us the information we desire. ive been on 6th and san pedro, some dude was calling out driver bys saying hed fuck them in the ass and calling them faggots and to get out of the car so he can kick their ass.

they want to live by their own standards, then so fucking be it. but i guess people are okay with them pissing on the walls and smoking so much weed it fills the air, but god forbid they do it in beverly hills! its ok to do it and fill skid row with low income housing and what they need so long as their away from lowering property values.

its a damned if you do damned if you dont and im tired of the incessant bullshit. just get them the fuck out of here or something. i dont care anymore. too much bickering, not enough compromise, useless and inane use of public funds. fuck it.

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