La légalisation du Cannabis et Montreal / The legalization of Cannabis and Montreal

Actually, I think they think they're being slick and playing a long con on us...

They want to create a captive market to funnel profits their way.

-There are no entrepreneurs allowed (very anti-CAQ thing, ironic?) to start mom n' pop weed shops anywhere they please (which would've revitalized some regions in economic distress)

-The criminals aren't allowed to participate in the legal market and convert back to citizens

-Prices are artificially held high. Illegal prices are based on the rule of 3 crops (1 for the cops, 1 for the thieves, 1 for profit) but legal producers are able to produce for a fraction of the price (ballpark 1.5-4$ / gram depending on accounting) and then the govt still adds a tax on top

-Quebec goes the extra mile by refusing home grows, to force you into their shops instead

-Lock down all the advertisement revenue by making it illegal for all but the government

-Illegal for your out of province buddy to offer to farm your 4 plants for you

-Illegal to farm your 4 plants at your cabin, cottage, 2nd home, unoccupied rental property (like in between tenants), boat (unless you do it all in international waters, i guess?), trailer, buried container, hot air balloon, etc...

-No plans for a cannabis abuse prevention campaigns like they have for alcool abuse

-Can't transform to distribute, so technically you can't have guests over and serve them some space cake... although if you have them bring 30g or less each, then you can freely exchange your brownies for their cannabis... That's the only loop-hole that I can think of, and it still locks you out of most extracts besides CO2-based concentrates, rosin, hash, and kief.

-Then, a year later, when everyone is ready for something new, then they allow concentrates and edibles, but only from their shops

-Finally, once everyone is used to going to the government shops, they'll come out with a study saying that Quebecers prefer their high quality govt-approved stuff instead of their crappy homegrown stuff anyway, so there's no need to change the laws

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