LA Moves Ahead With Plans For Unarmed Responders On Some 911 Calls

That's because here in Victoria, the cops won't bother responding unless they catch a whiff of a charge.

A charge for anyone. Whether they can dream up a charge for the person committing a crime, or the person calling in the crime, the useless pigs here won't do anything at all unless there's some low hanging fruit dangling in front of their eyes.

If they can't foresee themselves making up a charge within minutes of rocking up, they don't respond.

Victorian police will do anything, to get ANYONE in front of a prosecutor, whether they did anything illegal or not.

Source: am Victorian, have called police about stalker, and have been charged for assault when defending myself from said stalker twice my size.

I've got my eye on you, cuntunstable "P McDonut".

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