(La)Need advice with a very troubled teen.

I never said I don't want my son home, I said my family is scared. Whether people want to believe me or not, the bruises were not caused by me. My wife and I both know he lied and during this process he has continued to lie. We've tried psychologist, we've tried the police, and we've always tried everything in our resources to help him. As soon as we told my son he was being sent to a boot camp for troubled teens, the next day he had bruises. My son was whipped on his butt 4 times. He had bruises on the inside and outside of both legs.
I know this forum is called legal advice, but right know it's biased opinions formed off people who are against spanking a child. My son has had over 50 referrals from school, he has failed once, he almost got expelled but I convinced the school not to. He has stolen alcohol, cigarettes, and whatever money he can get his hands on. I am not an angry father whatsoever. My other children are perfectly fine and doing great and regardless of the opinions formed we are a loving a happy family. I'm not reaching out for opinions, we have fought through the lies and have proof and everyone is starting to believe us. I was trying to reach out to people that may have been in this situation. I understand most of you haven't been given all the facts so it's hard to believe that a troubled 15yo would self inflict bruises. I'm not trying to convince anyone of this, I'm just trying to find anyone that has been in this situation, but after seeing these responses I can understand why people would not come forward.

Regardless, thank all of you for your time and my family, along with my son, will figure out the best we can to move forward. I wish the best for all of you and your families.

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