Labour conference: Not right to say only women have a cervix, says Starmer

The two have nothing to do with each other. As you yourself have noted, language changes all the time. It does not do so by the adoption of these bizarre logical rules you wish to insist on to construct your straw man, but by common usage.

That we (in most circumstances) refer to adoptive parents simply as parents says precisely nothing about whether we should include some males in the category women.

I have no idea why you thought this was a productive line of inquiry, aside from bizarrely believing being able to call me “cruel” for these false views I supposedly have about adoption gave you some satisfaction. Which is fine if it floats your boat, but does nothing to address the issues at hand.

And incidentally some people are clearly now claiming transmen are male, not just men. I can show you an example I saw today on Twitter if you like. Those who have such views, ridiculous as they are, have clearly been empowered by the language changes you want to adopt.

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