Labour Plans To Buy 30,000 Electric Cars And Let You Rent Them From An App

Most people in London don't have three kids

Obviously they don't. But that doesn't mean there aren't families out there or that there aren't a lot of young kids who can't just get public transport on their own.

19% of London population is aged 0-15 so that's 1.6 million people under 15, that's a lot of children.

I don't think you switching to delivering food will block all the ambulances from saving people.

I'm not talking about me switching to getting food delivered, one person on a road no matter how many kids they have isn't going to do much. But you said every single house hold in London getting their shopping delivered.

If every single house on a road needs a delivery then that is a big truck parking up on the road and slowly driving the length of the road while it deliveres to every single house. We're not talking about one or two houses getting a delivery here, you're saying literally every house will be getting shopping delivered now.

I'm telling you now, it will be fine.

Case closed then, I guess.

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