The lack of black pop stars

Is honestly disgusting how many hurdles the Black Females have to face everyday. According to this Graph they're the least desirable group in the USA (One/Two) now you know why is so hard for black females to build a fanbase in contrast with the Barbie Dolls or Hot Bailarinas lol (No shade intended)

Skilled-multitalented artists like Tinashe/Normani should be Huge Superstars but the GP is always ignorin them even if they do their best. I really would like to blame the Urban Community too aka Hip Hop heads....We have so many big "Pop/Urban" "Hip Hop" male stars but why are the females such a minority? Stop to give all the attention-money to all these Lil basic "something" and focus on females with the potential to really change the world like Beyonce-Rihanna did.

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