Lack of physical activity in schools disproportionately harms boys' academic development

Ill never forget when I left elementary school and went to middle school. From the 6th grade onward there was NO more recess or being able to go outside. I diddnt normally have access to a gym class either. It was such a shock to me and started my downward slope in school.

I diddnt take the test for Honors classes going into Middle school. My 5th grade teachers were able to pick one of their students that diddnt take the test to recommend for honors and it was me. It was the best thing the ever happened to me academically. I was so proud.

However I then went from an almost straight A student to failing. No help or options and they then moved me to the class that was lowest scoring. It ruined my confidence and changed how I viewed myself in school.

I was a high energy kid as it was. Without having an outlet It was really hard to sit down and focus on my school work. I was always speaking in quiet time in class (not during the teaching) and was often sent to In school suspension for it. It was basically isolation with no forms of socialization.

This continued. It led to horrible Anxiety to dropping out at 16. Trying to get my GED currently and look at community college options. The only thing that ever helped was Adderall but I refused to take it.

Moral of the story is sitting in a chair for hours and hours doesn't work for everyone without an outlet. That couple with teachers that diddnt care ruined school for me.

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