Ladies of reddit, how did a guy ruin their chances with you?

Well, at least he tipped me the $20 to get me to notice him more. And I appreciate the fact that he just silently wrote his info on a card to give it to me to decide rather then openly ask me for MY number like many others. Because I’m shy and I don’t know how to just say straight up “No, thank you.” But I just thought it was fucked up that he did that because I talked about how I like to stay at home on my free time. So it he probably thought the chance of me meeting his wife would be slim if we got together. And his excuse for not seeing me would be because he’s a busy businessman. I have quite a few more stories too, haha. Like my regular just recently called my feet “yummy” or another that barged in being really rude then later inviting me to hang and teach me how to play COD....sigh..

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