Ladies, what is the most obvious hint you've dropped that went unnoticed by a guy?

Again, quintessential, "I'm not x, but..."

12th grade. Was talking to this girl who I fancied and had a history with (basically, I asked her out once, didn't work, didn't talk for a year, finally started becoming good friends in that grade).

I remember right before Thanksgiving weekend, we had a psychology test to do together. So she asked if we could study in study hall together. Alright cool.

In the middle of our studying, she puts down the notes that she had, looked at me, and said "FurryPickle, my hand feels cold, feel it!"

I look up from my notes, with the look of an autistic wilder beast, muttering in a slush of words, "whaaaattt?'

She repeats; "Feel my hand, it's cold."

So I shrug and go, "Alright".

She put out her dainty hand like a ballerina almost, like when the guy takes the lead in a dance, hard to describe, and I take it.

I feel it for a good four, maybe five seconds, while we're just staring into each other's stupid, immature eyes. I take my hand away, almost jerk it away, as if I'm gay, and just respond with, "Yep that IS cold!"

It wasn't cold though. So IDK what I was thinking.

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