Ladies, what is the most obvious hint you've dropped that went unnoticed by a guy?

I'm the guy in this one, very weird one too.

This happened whilst being on a cruise ship in the carribean with my family and relatives, including my one year younger cousin (not fully cousin, my uncle's new wife's daughter so no blood relation). It started out awkward, because I'm a nerd who spends most of my time inside, although not being socially indept, I am when it comes to girls. So it started ouf with just hugs 24/7. Then it went to sleeping on my shoulder and snuggling up in sofas. And then one evening we were in her cabin together, alone and watching movies at 2 am. She wants me to massage her so I do, then after that she layes down in my lap, crotch in her face. We keep on talking about what not like every other night (we'd been doing this for a couple nights now, just no laying on my crotch) and we digress into talking about bj's and sex, but I'm just sitting there stale as all hell whilst this tanned tuned super hot girl in my age is smiling, staring at me and talking about sex at 2 am in a sports brah and a thong. After a bit i said I should probably get back to my cabin and get some sleep but she tells me "stay, my bed's already warm anyways" i just said that i didn't like hot beds and went back.

The next day she wants me to clean her prior wound on her foot in the shower with her so i go in with only boxers and she's standing in nothing but i still just did my duties and left.

That was 1 month ago and she still calls me to talk about whatever all the time for a couple of hours, and only whilst reading this i realise my mistake.

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