Ladies, what’s your protocol for leaving after a one night stand?

I’ve never had a one night stand, but have had “situation-ships” with two men that I was “dating” exclusively but not not official with. These were obviously at different times. One was for 6 months and the other for about 3. So basically just hooking up, maybe meeting a few of their close friends (still wondering if that was normal lol), and occasionally going out to grab drinks or a lunch with them. Still those awkward goodbyes the morning after.

The guy I “saw” for 3 months would always ask me to spend the night, more really just assumed. Usually we had drank so it made sense I wouldn’t drive home. The mornings always felt awkward to me because it was like…we are not dating, when do I leave without it feeling abrupt? I knew he wasn’t going to kick me out. I’d try the “do you have work today?” Or “what are your plans looking like today” but typically he would just be like “oh not much” and suggest we eat breakfast or watch a show or hookup again and make me coffee. Maybe he was just nice. Maybe he had feelings. I don’t know but honestly I wasn’t trying to lay in bed and have intimate conversations with him until 10am. I liked him but did not want to date him. I got in the habit of waking up, tossing my clothes on, and just saying I had plans and would text him later. No breakfast, no coffee, and NO morning cuddles. He’d walk me to the door, kiss me goodbye, and I’d exit the apartment. All within the hour we woke up.

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