ladies who have always been a goody-two-shoes type and finally snapped, what happened ? what was the aftermarh ?

I live in Asia where lots of men are disgusting and vile, the type to catcall women in school uniforms, I, one of those. I didn't really react the first couple times (I wan't allowed to go outside much until I was like 12). But soon enough I felt very disgusted and annoyed with all the catcalling. My breaking point was probably when I was walking home from school trying to flag down a vehicle then this man, he was with a group of other men decided to catcall me. I yelled at him non-stop about how disgusting and shameful he is catching the attention of everyone else on the street. It was scary, but it felt great to call him out. From then on every time someone would catcall me they get a middle finger or public humiliation. Bonus points for them if I whip my phone camera fast enough so I could take a photo of their faces.

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